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Hamsteley ND(H)uro 12th January 2020

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Multi stage Enduro racing. The event is 1 day only
4 stages in Hamsterley Forest. With stages in Descend and elsewhere in the forest

FEE £39.99 by 31-10-2019, £44.99 from then on
The Event Route:
The event route will take in multiple stages. Expect the usual ND(H)uro action packed stages here ;) however there will also be a stage where the fittest can lay down some horsepower too !!!!!

Course rating (1-5 with 5 being very technical): Rating 4.
Each special stage is natural terrain including roots and rocks. There are no jumps or drops that can not be rolled
The finish arena is small and identified by the NDH timing trailer or Fox EZ up.
Riders are advised to wear suitable protection, walk the course prior to riding and ride within their own ability level.

Organisation: NDH
Race Director: Carl Davison
Race Web Site:
Race Schedule:
Friday N/A
Saturday N/A
8.30 Marshals Meeting

Racer numbers will be available at the NDH timing trailer and is where all riders must sign on.
Riders will be given one number board for the event.
Race Regulations: The event will run under BC Regulations and Penalties where possible. Please make sure you aware of the rules.
NDH rules incorporate those laid out in the current BEMBA (BRITISH ENDURO MOUTAIN BIKE ASSOCIATION) Guidelines

Results will be posted in the main arena on completion of each event and online by Monday 12:00 after the event.
The riders will start from a covered area and will cross a timing beacon to start the timing. The finish line will use another timing beacon again to capture the rider crossing the line. A large T.V screen will show the results live at the finish line.
Medical: Paramedic cover will be provided and full medical cover both on course (In a 4x4 vehicle) and from an identifiable Base Station in the event arena. A paramedic and assistant will be onsite..
Catering: TBC number dependant
Toilets: Toilets will be provided,
NDH Events reserves the right to modify or cancel any event if circumstances beyond the control of the organiser should arise. This includes cancellation of event due to extreme weather, actscts of God, violence, civil disobedience and war.
If an NDH event is cancelled we will not be liable for costs of travel fares, hotels, or any other expenses that may be incurred.
It is your responsibility to ensure the race is going ahead before travelling. We will do our best to inform you if the race has to be cancelled but we do not accept liability if we are unable to contact you. We strongly advise that you check before making travel and accommodation arrangements. Facebook is the best place to monitor this

If the event is cancelled we are unable to refund or part refund any entry fee. We are also unable to transfer your entry to another event.
Please follow NDH on Facebook to ensure you are kept up to date.

Course Marshals: Marshals will be in place on the event day throughout training. Each marshal will be easily identifiable by wearing a high visibility vest and will be supplied with a working two way radio, a whistle, red and yellow flag and a supply of refreshments. We aim to ensure all our marshals are aged 16 or over and fit and able.
The marshal briefing will be carried out by Sandra Angus in the morning at the NDH timing trailer
• Read these rules!
• Check yourself in and out of each special stage
• Stop and help an injured rider, you are considered a travelling marshal

• You can not practice the course on Saturday. This is a one day event.
• Riders must make their way unassisted to each special stage.
• There are prizes for the top 3 riders in each category for each event.
• 14 to 18 years old
• 19 to 29 years old
• 30 to 39 years old
• 40 to 49 years old
and 50+
• Women's Categories, These will be split as closely as possible to the mens. We require 5 people to make a category of its own.
• On registering, you agree to the rules of the event.
• Entry closes one week prior to the event and entries will not be taken on the day of the event.
• In the interest of safety there is a cut off time, you will be advised of this on the day
• Entries are non refundable less than 2 weeks from the event. If you are unable to competefor medical reasons we will refund you on receipt of a doctors note. It is also not possible to transfer entries to any other events, next year’s event, or a different competitor. There is a €5 admin fee for all refunds.

• You cannot change your bike for individual special stages, you must use the same bike for an individual event. Different bikes can be used for seperate events.
• Bikes may be scrutinised at the start of special stage 1
• In the case of mechanical failure, parts such as wheels,tires, saddles, forks, etc can be changed if needs be but extra time is not provided for this.
• All bikes must have bar plugs.
• Bikes must be in perfect working order.
• Competitors may not modify race number plates.
• The race director has the right to deny entry to the event they feel a bike is not of a suitable standard.

• You must wear a helmet (open xc type OR full face dh type) at all times, including transition sections. We recommend a Full face helmet
• Competitors found not wearing a helmet may be disqualified immediately.
• Gloves, knee and elbow protection are recommended but not compulsory.
• Each competitor should be completely SELF SUFFICIENT.

o Mobile phone
o Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); bandage, plasters)
o Survival bag or foil blanket
o Energy food and drink
o Wind/ Waterproof Top (weather permitting )
o Bike repair kit (tube, pump or CO2 canisters, allen keys, chain tool)
o It is advised that you use a small rucksack or suitable bag to carry above items. You may also secure items to your bike. You must bring all mandatory equipment with you throughout the race.

• Details of the course will not be made known before the event.
• ND(H)uro is not a cross country or downhill competition. It takes place on a circuit marked with a variable number of mostly downhill special stages.
• There are 3 special stages in each event, with transfer stages in between.
• Transfer stages are not timed and do not count for the overall standing.
• Special stages close at a specified time, to ensure the event finishes on time. Riders will be notified at registration on the morning of the event
• Riders must check themselves in and out of each special stage Riders must complete the special stages in ascending order, Stage 1 followed by Stage 2 etc.
• The special stages are designed to suit a mid travel trail bike, not specific xc or dh bikes. The course will be taped as wide as possible to allow overtaking and line choice.
• This course is marked with signs, and some sections double taped, other wise riders must follow the trail.
• If a competitor exits the special stage course, they must re-enter the same point and restore the tape as they found it.
• If a rider is spotted cutting a special stage course by a marshal they will be disqualified.
• If three or more riders report another rider cutting a special stage course, an investigation shall be conducted, the penality is disqualification.
• The route may have narrow sections and exposed rocks, steep climbs and descents and is not suitable for beginners.


• In the interest of safety there is a cut off time, you will be advised of this in at sign on
• There will be minimum 30 second time intervals between riders starting a special stage or more depending on the nature of the track.
• The timing system is accurate to the1/100th of a second. In the event of a tie, the competitor with the fastest final stage shall be grated the fastest. In the event of a tie on the final stage, the preceeding stage time will be used until there is no tie.
• If a faster rider is behind you on a special stage, be polite and allow them to pass. If you are the faster rider, be patient, give lots of warming and clear directions as to what side you will pass.
• If you are obstructed by another rider or stop to help an injured rider you may repeat the stage. You must first check out of the stage, then cycle back up the hill without assistance in this case.
• You may NOT repeat the stage if you suffer a mechanical failure on course.
• Riders who retire must return to the car park as soon as possible following the instructions of race marshals
• They must also remove their number plate from the bike or cross it with an X.
• The ranking of each competitor is the sum of the special stage times, plus any time penalties.

• It is the duty of each competitor to assist any competitor who appears to be injured or in difficulty and possibly alert the race director.
• The race director reserves the right to penalize or disqualify competitors that do not meet this standard.
• Competitors who withdraw from the event must notify the race office as soon as possible.

A £20.00 deposit may be required for your timing chip and may be requested at sign on, faliure to return a chip will result in a £100.00 bill

ENTER VIA SI entries link.... at