Northern Downhill Store


What do we do? NDH is run to provide the best tracks and races that we possibly can. This means we try and cater to all levels of riding ability, from the most technical and demanding courses available, to red graded trail centre runs.  We are not into pretence or flash.  If a burger van perfect parking and some EZ ups is your idea of a good race please look elsewhere.  If the riding of your bike on the best possible tracks is your priority then we are the place to come.  Think DRAGON DOWNHILL not MINI DOWNHILL! Our FunDuro events are the perfect place to cut your teeth in the racing game. If you can ride the UK trail centres, you have the required skillset to be competitive in these events. If you are an experienced mountain biker who is beginning to grow a little bit bored of trail centres, our ND(H)uro events take place on some of the most demanding trails in the North East. Make that step and push your riding further.  Our no pretence atmosphere allows you to just get down to riding and not worrying about how flash your new EZ up looks! 

Do I need a race License? No a race license is not necessary to race with NDH.

Do I need insurance? No, but it is highly recommended.

Can I enter on the day?   Generally speaking – No. However this is dependent on the event and if we are full!  Don’t take the chance. Entries close 1 week before race day.

Is Uplift Provided?
  No. Nor are personal uplifts allowed.

What about GoPros? Sorry, but no. Not even for practice runs.

Do I need a Full-face helmet? For the TT events, a full face is mandatory. For FunDuro and ND(H)uro events a trail style helmet is acceptable. However, we would always err on the side of caution and suggest that you always bring a full-face.
What bike is suitable? We have riders on hardtails, short travel full-suss, long travel full-suss, full DH rigs and even fatbikes. In short, any bike is suitable as long as it is in good running order with working brakes. Bar ends must not be open.