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NDH - Race Team

Carl Davison - Head Honcho

This all started when I decided I wanted to stop travelling all over the country to ride. I asked about access to Kielder, ended up putting some events on and now I never get to race!!!!!! 

I've been trying to help out a cool group of guys for a while but its bloody difficult. Thanks to working alongside Startfitness I am now in a position to help out some local faces. Some are race winners and some are good crack on Insta! Some are both but all are great bike mates I have met through NDH. Here's hoping I can help them have and easier time riding with some sick kit from Start and Orange

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/NorthernDownhill/

Alun Morley - Veteran Enduro Racer

From : Dudley nr. Cramlington

Age : 43

Likes : Bikes, Beer, Bait.

Dislikes : lack of any of the above.

Favourite NDH event : Kidland ND(H)uro. Best trails in the area by far.

Special move: Triggering airport detectors with all the metalwork holding my battered body together.

Been riding bikes for far too many years to care, sometimes with engines, sometimes without, sometimes involving hospitals. Started riding ‘competitively’ a few years back, mainly xc and marathon type events like the Kielder 100. Took up racing in Enduro style events in 2014 and have had an absolute blast doing it. 

Well happy to be part of the NDH race team again for 2017, even more so to be on board the brand new Orange Alpine 6 from Start Cycles. Proper beast of a bike. Hoping to do it justice and keep hitting the podium.

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Gavin Sweeney - Master Enduro Racer

From: Chester-le-street

Age: 39 (but I don’t look it)

Likes: Haribo (probably too much)

Dislikes: Beetroot

Bikes name: Seabiscuit

Coming in at a smidge under 6ft, Im currently looking for a lady who loves long romantic walks as I dont have a car at the minute!

I ride with a 'more balls than talent' ethos, but this has enabled me to race in the UCI Downhill Bike Masters World Champs and the Megavalanche! I survived the whole thing without a scratch, then split me head in the van while getting changed.

Notable features -

Born on April Fool's Day!

I inflate my tyres with Bars as its harder than PSI.

Inventor of the Enduro pastie.

Looking forward to riding for Start/Orange/NDH this year, currently trying to get my head round how to backflip a bike on purpose instead of by accident.

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Tom Lloyd – Master Enduro Racer

Age : 32

From : Newcastle

Years Riding : 7 on MTB

Notable Results :     

Favourite NDH Venue : Kidland. I don't think I've ever had a completely clean run there, but I always come away smiling.

Heading into 2017 I aim to ride fast, have fun and try not to take it too seriously. Hopefully I'll get to stand on some of the steps at the end of the races. 

I'm really looking forward to another year with support from NDH and Start Cycles. The Orange Alpine 6 is the best bike I've ever owned, so I'm hoping to do it justice this year.

Insta :  https://www.instagram.com/tomlloyd1/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Twlthomas

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Simon Daykin - Veteran Enduro Racer

From : Darlington

Age : 47 years young

Favourite NDH event : TT's

I have been riding for around 5 years with my proudest result coming from the 'Ard Rock Enduro in 2015 where I beat 71% of riders. I'm hoping for a few top 10's in 2017, but whatever happens I'll have a smile on my face. I love the buzz I get from racing and want to spread the word that its not just for your Danny Hart types, but for everyone.

I love hitting the NDH TT trails, I find them to be a great adrenaline fuelled day out which somehow manage to maintain a chilled vibe with great craic and no big egos.

Happy with all types of MTB riding from big XC days in the Dales and Lakes, Trail dog days at Hamsterley and the odd uplift. 

Also into kitesports, wake boarding, snowboarding and hoping to head out to the Alps this summer. :)


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Jonathon Morley - Mini Ripper

From : Dudley

Likes : Bikes, Parkour, Skateparks and Minecraft

Favourite place to ride : Tignes

I got a balance bike when I was just 18 months old and my first proper bike when I was 3. I came 2nd in my first race series which was a Muddy Mondays race at Gallagher park in 2012 and have won every one since.

I have been to the alps 4 times now and love it there because you hardly have to ride up any hills and the jumps are great.

I was allowed to enter the NDH TT's and FunDuro events last year and can't wait till I'm old enough to enter the proper ND(H)uro races. Think my Dad will be happy too because he won't have to follow me down anymore. (he will still have to push me up)

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Tom Mellows - 14-16 Enduro racer


Likes: Rutts, Roots, Jumps 

Dislikes: Strava 

Favourite NDH Races: Kidland ND(H)uro, Hamsterley TT 

I started riding 2 and a half years ago, and never looked back! Since then it been a mix of DH and Enduro races, with my first podium at the first round of The Racers Guild Winter Series in 2015. I also took first at both the Eastgate and Kielder TT, and a second at the Kielder Funduro during 2016. 

Super stoked to be riding for the NDH team aboard the awesome Orange Alpine 6 from Start Cycles. Hope I can improve on last season through 2017.

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